Fleet Details

JD Hickman Ltd is proud to operate a fleet of late model vehicles. Our extensive fleet replacement policy allows us to maximise the benefits of modern vehicles to ensure minimal downtime for our clients. We currently operate 82 Trucks and 124 Trailers with a mixture of Curtainside Truck and Trailer Units, Curtainside B-Train Units, Curtainside Refrigerated Trailers and Hard Sided Refrigerated Trailers in our dairy designated fleet.

The fleet includes 13m flatdeck trailers and 14.5m quad trailers with service options covering all destinations within New Zealand and a regular weekly service to the South Island.

  • Tri-axle trailers are 13.2 m long and 2.5 m wide with loads up to 24 tonne.
  • The next generation of quad trailer flatdecks are 14.5m long and 2.5 m wide with loads up to 26 tonne.

Heavy Haul

Our exerienced team and an extensive Heavy Haul fleet allows us to look after all your transporter requirements.
The JD Hickman brand is synonymous with industry leading solutions applied to Oil Rig and Long Load moves. The entire process is carefully managed and includes determining and arranging all permit requirements, liason with the relevant local authorities such as Power Companies and local Councils, heavy crane hire and provisioning of Pilots.

Heavy Haul capabilities

  • Maximum load of 83 tonnes.
  • Maximum load width of 11 metres.
  • Height subject to Power Company requirements.
  • Maximum length of 35 metres on our supplied frame.

Available fleet

  • Light transporters on air or hydraulic suspension.
  • Heavy transporters up to 7 rows of 8 including load dividing dollies.
  • Trombone trailer up to 19 metres and 20 tonne loads.
  • Jinker to allow for loads up to 35 metres or longer if load is self supporting.
  • Pilot vehicles and pilots for hire

These specialised vehicles are equipped with a crane for loading and unloading at your site or allowing for further direct delivery to additional sites.
Hiabs with a lifting capacity of up to 7 Tonne at 1.5m lift radius and a 2.2 Tonne lift at a maximum reach of 12 m are available.

  • A Hamilton based unit servicing the Waikato and Bay of Plenty
  • Two Taranaki based units travel nationwide.

Jd Hickman specialises in bulk linehaul services between all NZ centres. Our advanced fleet is configured to provide the client with a fast, effective and reliable solution for the transport of bulk commodities.


  • Lift and cart 2 x 20 ft containers up to 15 tonne gross for the pair.
  • 1 x 40 ft container up to 26 tonne on-road capacity.

Skeletal Trailers

  • 2 x 20 ft containers.
  • 1 x 40 ft container.
  • Up to 30 tonne with permits on approved routes.

Our fleet of transporter trailers allows us to transport equipment and machinery that cannot be moved on standard trailers. The transporters have rear loading ramps to allow machinery to be driven or walked on or off if no loading ramp or lifting gear is available.

  • Light Transporters with rows of 4 ( 4 tyres per axle).
  • Heavy Transporters with rows of 8 ( 8 tyres per axle row).
  • The heavy transporters can also be widened to 4.5m to improve stability of wide loads.


Transporter loads often require pilots to escort the load and manage traffic safety.
JD Hickman Ltd have 4 class 1 and 7 class 2 pilots with the vehicles and pilots available for hire.

Description Axles Deck Length Maximum Load Location Features
Light Transporter 3 8 20 Taranaki Hydraulic or Airbag Suspension
Heavy Transporter 3 9 40 Taranaki Hydraulic or Airbag Suspension
4 14 50 Taranaki Hydraulic or Airbag Suspension
5 15 60 Taranaki Remote steer on 3 axles
6 14 70 Taranaki Loadsharing 2 axle Dolly
7 15 83 Taranaki Loadsharing 2 axle Dolly
Trombone 3 13.2 - 18.94 20 Taranaki
Flatdeck 40 footer 3 13.2 24 Taranaki
Quad Trailer Flatdeck 4 14.5 26 Taranaki
Skeletal Trailers 3 12 30 Taranaki and Wanganui Permits may be required
Swinglifters 28 Taranaki and Wanganui Permits may be required
Hiab Small 2 4.5 4 Taranaki and Wanganui 1.5 tonne lift at minimum reach
650Kg lift at 3m maximum reach
Hiab Large 4 6 10 Taranaki and Wanganui 7 tonne lift at minimum reach
2.2 tonne lift at 12m maximum reach
Hiab Large 4 10 Hamilton 3.0 tonne lift at minimum reach
800kg lift at 12.6m maximum reach

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